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Give us 24-Hour, Full-Service Emergency Room Capability, Seven Days a Week!

Two community conversations with Annapolis Valley Health Board have resulted in no hard information about the future of emergency services at the Annapolis Community Health Centre, or the effect on the Centre itself if the ER is compromised. This is unacceptable.

Public appeals to common sense and true cost benefits have fallen on deaf government ears.

I feel “taken in” by election promises and Health Department assurances. I worry the April budget already shows funding cuts for full time ER service in ACHC. Which is why I respectfully ask:

1) Meet with the community in an open, civil, community forum prepared to share the criteria/facts upon which ER services will be supported in our catchment area, short and long term.
“Friends of ACHC” is prepared to act as a go-between in your effort to fully/frankly explain your vision for quality health care in our catchment.

2) Give us 24-Hour, Full Service Emergency Room Capability, Seven Days a Week!

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