The Friends of the Annapolis Community Health Centre (“the Friends”) Seek Your Participation

For over 2 years, a group of volunteers has worked hard to advocate for the professional and caring atmosphere of the Annapolis Community Health Centre (“the Health Centre”) as a permanent and necessary aspect of our sustainable community.

By maintaining open communications with the community, health care professionals, Annapolis Valley Health, and the Department of Health and Wellness, the Friends identifies the community needs for citizens who are served by the Health Centre and advocates to have these needs met by the public health care system with the Annapolis Community Health Centre as their key health care facility.

We Need Your Involvement
It is clear that there is a need for continued advocacy, and the Friends are reaching out to the community seeking individuals who are committed to the preservation and enhancement of services at ACHC. The Friends acknowledge and give special thanks to Wayne Boucher, Keith Crysler and others who have been integral to the achievements of the Friends but are no longer able to remain in their respective roles.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends, please reply to and indicate in which position you are able to participate.


Current Positions

Chair. The role is to chair meetings only.  The Friends will have a permanent structure of regular meetings, with the addition of special meetings as circumstances require. (Most of the time what is needed here is a Roberts Rules of Order geek.)

Vice-chair. To assist the Chair and chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Communications   Maintain communications with health care professionals and citizens locally.  Establish a good working relationship with the site manager at the Health Centre. Maintain contact with Annapolis Valley Health and Department of Health & Wellness, conveying community needs. Act as prime media contact. Work with Writer to prepare and distribute press releases, community notices, news updates for web site and other related items.

Writer   Work with Communications person, preparing press releases, community notices, news updates for web site and other similar items.

 Reps of other relevant bodies   Town, County, Community Health Board, Health Foundation, Health Centre Auxiliary are invited to name reps to the Friends. Reps report on Friends’ affairs to their bodies and provide input from these bodies to the Friends.

Regular meetings
Six meetings will be scheduled a year, with Special Meetings as circumstances require.

All meetings would have a structure something like this

Welcome and Introductions

Minutes of previous meeting(s)

Reports (from- Communications, Website co-ordinator, Reps. of other organizations.) Simple summary reports in point form that can be handed to the Secretary afterward are most useful. (Note  It is the role of the Chair to facilitate the discussion between the person reporting and everybody else in the meeting and to ensure that decisions are based on clear motions. It would not be necessary or desirable for the Chair to have information to convey; if he/she has such information, it should be conveyed to the appropriate person before the meeting.)

Special Guests, special topics. The Chair would introduce these topics and facilitate the discussion.

Press Releases. These should be agreed upon by the Board and signed by the Chair or Vice-Chair if the Chair is not available.

Public meetings  From time to time there may be a need for public meetings. The Chair will coordinate the efforts of the Friends to ensure that such meetings are well-organized, well-promoted, well-programmed, well-attended and well-reported and ensure that individuals are assigned and accountable for these tasks.

The Friends of ACHC is a concerned group of citizens working with the Annapolis West Health Foundation (AWHF), Annapolis Community Health Centre Auxiliary (ACHC Aux), and the Town of Annapolis Royal.
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