Questions Arising from Community Forum (06-03-2010)

Q: At the recent Community Forum, you said: “With the current graduates, they want to work in a collaborative practice with extended hours and most are not interested in providing emergency hours and that’s the dilemma.” When you say “extended hours,” does that mean keeping with the current set-up with having the clinic open five days, 24 hrs., or as a sunset clinic, say, open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.?

A: Extended hours meant into the evening for the ACHC with a family collaborative practice doctor for ER on call (much the same as it is now). I am not sure if she meant a walk-in clinic or extended hours for the Collaborative practice. In any event things would have to change from doc’s taking the next day off after an ER on-call shift.

Q: John Ross also talks about how “petrified”graduates are of doing emergency work fearing that they’ll have to deal with, rare, but real situations like acute airway passage problems. Is there not an older, more experienced doctor’s pool to draw from?

A: Older experienced doctors are difficult to find, but the last one settled in Berwick, but did not do ER. They have a similar problem with graduate students, Thus, the doctor dilemma.

Q: Regarding the inequitable distribution and salaries of docs, Harrigan and Ross stated that the situation was very unfair and needed to be overhauled. At one point Harrigan says,“We have to stop poaching each others physicians. We need unified payments across the board.”They also said that ACHC, as a collaborative care practice model, was set up to be in its own unique category within the AVH district. In this regard, it seems like we’re at a disadvantage. Why isn’t ACHC included in the rotation pool call for itinerant docs, when other health centres in the district are?”and“Why can’t we get rent a docs for two days?"

A: The site requests through AVH need for a family practice physician with ER training to do rotations at ACHC. Janet said they tried, but could never get any one to come.. However, Dig-by is successful because their ER rent a docs don’t have to be Family Practice Docs. This doesn’t seem to make sense. Agreement on remuneration point that unified payments and equitable treatment of rural doctors was essential for going forward.

Q: The AVH stated at our meeting in Feb., that AVH has any number of suggestions as to what we can do as a community. Can you please give us a list of those suggestions?

A: This question was not answered.

Q: The AVH response to the ACHC ER 24/7 persists as being unclear in the long-term. Does AVH support 24/7 ER at the ACHC? What is the AVH three year and five year plan for ACHC ER?

A: Fudging has to do awaiting the outcome of Dr. Ross’s report into finding a sustainable solution for our geographic region. There is no long term plan as ER’s are a provincial jurisdiction, but Janet Knox indicated it was imperative that the AVH have a strong advocacy voice for rural health and ER delivery within the context of a provincial Plan. In particular advocating ACHC’s role.

Q: Is a transcript of the meeting available to the public?

A: [We] don’t have the expertise do word for word transcripts. [We] have recorded the questions, and notes of the more salient points and are presently working on transcribing the notes from the meeting for distribution.


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