24/7 Emergency Room, an essential service (09-29-2010)


In February 2010 the ACHC ER had been closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for some time and it looked as if it might become closed all the time. More than a thousand citizens packed three public meetings with Annapolis Valley Health (AVH) officials to find out why. We learned we had a “model practice” but there were not enough doctors to cover our essential ER service 24/7. We learned that a specialist (Dr. Ross) was studying ways to improve emergency service across the province. A group (Friends of ACHC) formed to lobby AVH to restore our ER to 7-day status.

Here’s the good news:
Our temporary doctor shortage is over; we have as many doctors now as we did before the closures started. As of October 7, the ER will be restored on Thursdays.

Here’s the bad news:
As of October 7, Tuesday’s ER remains closed, even though the doctors are prepared to cover 24/7.

There’s more news:
Dr. Ross’s report is nearly completed. We worry if it will be good news or bad for small centres like our own.

Changes made will be with the endorsement of Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health. We will be calling a public meeting when we know more about the Ross Report. We know everybody will want a say in how the government uses this report to change our health system.


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